What Brown v. Brooks Means For Black Folk, Part 3
 The media turns to give Elaine Brown a portion of the blame for the altercation
March 14, 2018

What Brown v. Brooks Means For Black Folk, Part 2
 The attempt to strip power from Councilmember Brooks in the wake of the civil jury verdict
February 27, 2018

What Brown v. Brooks Means For Black Folk
 Nothing good came come from the confrontation between these two African-American women leaders
February 14, 2018

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What Brown v. Brooks Means For Black Folk, Part 3

March 14, 2018

We have been talking about the aftermath of the 2015 altercation between two prominent Oakland African-American women leaders, Oakland City Councilmember Desley Brooks and former Black Panther Chair Elaine Brown.

In the first two installments of this discussion, we discussed how the blows thrown in the weeks and months after that altercation were struck most heavily against Ms. Brooks. First, Ms. Brown filed a lawsuit against Ms. Brooks and the City of Oakland that eventually won her a more than $4 million jury verdict late last year. Following that verdict, Ms. Brooks was loudly vilified in the local media with calls for her defeat and ouster from the City Council in the upcoming Council elections. More ominously, a coalition of Oakland City Councilmembers made the first legislative moves in what at least one Councilmember (Annie Campbell Washington) admitted was a campaign to strip Ms. Brooks of her influential position as chair of the City Council Public Safety Committee. (SeeWhat Brown v. Brooks Means For Black Folk” and “What Brown v. Brooks Means For Black Folk, Part 2”)

But “blows struck most heavily” against Ms. Brooks does not mean “blows struck exclusively.” In fact, as far back as two months following the altercation between the two women at Everett & Jones Barbecue Restaurant in the Jack London Square area of Oakland, then-San Francisco Chronicle East Bay columnist Chip Johnson was already using the altercation to tear down both women.

Interestingly, the Chronicle columnist did not go after Ms. Brown initially. His first shots were fired exclusively at Ms. Brooks, with whom Mr. Johnson had engaged in a running public feud for several years. [To Complete Column]