Eastern Standard
How African-Americans View The Community of East Palo Alto, California

Metro Newspaper

On Shaky Ground

Was Baby Michelle Tang Shaken To Death By Her Babysitter, Or Is Katie Hsia A Victim Of Shaky Criminal Justice Science?
Shaken Baby Syndrome On Trial

Metro Newspaper (08/00)

Living in Color

The Danny Glover Syndrome: How Anti-Black Racism Affects Successful African-Americans

Metro Newspaper (03/00)

Ghosts in the Valley

Tales of the Paranormal in California's South Bay
Metro Newspaper (10/99)

Valley of the Shadow

The Murder of Eric Keller: California's Covered-Up Gay Bashing
Metro Newspaper (03/99)

Disorder in the Court

The Scandal That Preceded the First Dissolution of a County Grand Jury in California History
Metro Newspaper (12/98)

Adiós Alviso

The Hi-Tech Destruction of the South Bay's Last Small Town
Metro Newspaper (08/98)

There's a Chip Inside My Head

Is The Government Doing Brain Implants?
Metro Newspaper (06/98)

And McJustice For All

The Alice-In-Wonder Land of San Jose Traffic Court
Metro Newspaper (12/97)


The Malt Liquor Assault on Latinos
Metro Newspaper (07/97)

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