Dedicated To The Spirits I Miss The Most


Ernest Allen, Sr.
My Father

Maybelle Reid Allen
My Mother

Veronica Makins
My Friend

Elsie B. Washington
Colleague And Friend




Ernest And Maybelle Allen

And Unto The Infinite...

We know not that land which lies beyond the veil. None who have passed its borders have returned to tell, and for us, the living, we can only visit it in our dreams. But wherever it is, and whatever its wonders, the family of Maybelle Allen know this for certain: somewhere, there, in a backyard filled with green grass and tall trees, or sitting near a roaring fireplace, Maybelle has rejoined with the love of her life, Ernest, and there, amidst their laughter, they are recounting old times, and living within each other, forever.

Our sorrow mixes with our joy, and now, the cup stirred so that one blends with the other, interchangeable, indistinguishable, we drink its full draught, down to the end, and say goodbye, until our next meeting.